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We are ready to help you! When it is time to invest in a home, contact The John Pak Investment Team to get the ball rolling. We will assist you with every challenge along the way. We will work continuously to ensure your investment experience is positive and a great purchase. We cannot wait to work with you!


A real estate owned property or a REO is property whose ownership has reverted back to the bank or mortgage lender. Investors looking to buy and invest in REO properties, can make a profit with these homes but it doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges. A pro to investing in REO’s is the ability to diversify your portfolio and generate higher returns. The negative to investing in REO is dealing with the mortgage lenders and the many challenges that may come with that. If you are desiring to purchase an REO property, contact The John Pak Investment Team to learn more.

Short Sale

A short sale property is a home that is “ underwater,” meaning the current homeowner is increasingly unable to pay their mortgagee, taxes or other costs for their home. When this situation occurs at the same time that the property values have dropped lower than what the home is valued at, a homeowner may put it on the market as a short sale. A short sale purchase may benefit the buyer or investor. The amount of the home hey will be purchasing is normally a fairly lower price than other homes of the same caliber; resulting in a good deal for the buyer. The negative part of a short sell transaction is the complicated and time-consuming process. It may take weeks or even months to hear back from the bank on the offer, and often times a buyer may not have that long to wait. If the buyer can wait out the sale a short sale purchase can be a great financial investment. Let us help you navigate your short sale buying experience.


The type of loan you choose is a direct factor in your interest rate and purchase of your home. There are several large broad categories of home loans that are available to borrowers. The top three home loans are: Conventional, FHA, and VA loans. For each of these loans, the interest rate is often times slightly different.

Another type of loan is a hard money loan. A hard money loan is often times a last resort when dealing with financing. Hard money loan are backed by the value of the property and not by the credit history of the borrower. Hard money loans have a lower loan value than the traditional loan since the property itself is used as the only protection against default.

To better understand these different types of loans, be sure to speak with your lender and decide which route is best for you. Your lender will be able to explain the differences and assist you in choosing the right fit.

On & Off Market Deals

JP Investment Group is ready and experienced to handle off market projects and real estate transactions. An off market project is a transaction that is currently for sale but may not be advertised in the traditional forms. Off market transactions tend to come from an individual associated with someone related to the property; whether it’s a broker, an owner or an attorney that represents the owner. An off market transaction will provide you entry to a property that will lead to less competition. JP Investment Group is skilled when handling off market transactions, we will be a great resource and representative for you when purchasing an off market transaction.


When dealing with commercial property, it is critical that you work with an agent who is skilled. Selling commercial real estate requires a level of skill that not everyone posses, be sure to work with an experienced real estate professional when dealing with your commercial property transactions.  When dealing with commercial property, it is important to remember that commercial property is all about the numbers and does this property work for my needs. Let JP Investment Group represent you in your commercial real estate transactions, our dedication, experience and drive will ensure a successful deal. Often times, these deals are too important to let an inexperienced professional handle them, you will be in the best of hands when JP Investment Group represents you.

To invest in commercial real estate, learn to think not just like a private home buyer, but a professional real estate mogul. You will need to know that commercial property is valued much differently than residential property. To know how much income you will be gaining from commercial property, you will need to know its usable square footage. Income from commercial property is directly related to usable square footage. When dealing with commercial property you will see a bigger cash flow than you would with residential. Let The John Pak Investment Team help you decide if commercial real estate is a good investment for you.


Investing in residential property is a popular way to grow your wealth and ensure you leave a lasting legacy for future family members behind you. Take a look at three common property types and for investing in residential real estate.

High-End Leasing

Let JP Investment Group show you a large collection of beautiful high end homes for lease. There are numerous positive factors that come into play when deciding to rent a luxury home. JP Investment Group has the knowledge and insight into the many luxury homes available for rent in the Los Angeles area.

International Buyers

JP Investment Group is happy and eager to work with international sellers and buyers. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience when serving our international clients. Contact JP Investment Group today to get started.

Investing in Luxury Real Estate

When choosing to invest in luxury real estate, it is important to identify your goals. One of the main goals when investing in luxury real estate is to earn a large profit on your investment. When you are choosing your property, it is important to know the neighborhood, the current home market values and if you are planning on flipping the home or planning to sell quickly. All of these factors will come into play when deciding which luxury property to invest in.

Trust Sale

For a buyer who is considering buying a home in a trust, there is an extra layer of caution that should be taken. Due to potential legal issues, it is always good to have an experienced real estate agent assist in the purchasing of a trust home. Here at The John Pak Investment Team, we will help and guide the buyer or investor with the purchase of a trust home.